Hello! My name is Yana. Welcome to my blog, devoted to my hobby — collecting tickets. I like to travel and to visit different interesting arrangements very much. I keep tickets from every travel, concert, exhibition or cinema. For now I have a little collection of tickets from several countries and I wish to make it bigger. I will appreciate everybody who can send me:
- transport tickets (bus, train, air tickets, etc.);
- tickets from museums;
- ticket from exhibitions;
- tickets from places of interest;
- tickets from cinema or any other tickets you can send me.

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понедельник, 4 января 2010 г.

Tickets from France

History of the project

Why the Vaisseau ?
In 1998, the General Council of the Bas-Rhin housed an exhibition from the Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie of La Villette (Paris). In just two months, 10,000 young visitors came to see the “Village of Children”.

Under the leadership of its President Philippe RICHERT, the General Council recognised in the success of the venture the large interest shown by the young people of the area for science, especially when they can learn through fun and interactive means. They saw the opportunity for a permanent establishment where they could nurture this love for science.

The Foundation Stone
The foundation stone was laid in October 2003, on an 18,000 sq. m. site located on the Neudorf riverfront in Strasbourg. The project continued to take shape over time and a name was chosen: “the Vaisseau”, thanks to the imagination of the children of the Wangenbourg camp who, like all children, would like to “learn while having fun”.

The detailed cultural programme was officially issued in June 2004. After a series of tests carried out between January 6th and February 13th, the Vaisseau opened on February 22nd 2005. Now everything is ready so that children, in school groups or with their families, can set sail on a journey of scientific exploration and hands-on learning in a unique setting. Playing, learning, understanding, being amazed... all joyful steps on a path that could lead to future careers in science and technology.


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  1. Soon I will send you some tickets from Croatia,

  2. Please contact me if you want entire tickets from Malaysia, China and other places.Some are paper and some are plastic.