Hello! My name is Yana. Welcome to my blog, devoted to my hobby — collecting tickets. I like to travel and to visit different interesting arrangements very much. I keep tickets from every travel, concert, exhibition or cinema. For now I have a little collection of tickets from several countries and I wish to make it bigger. I will appreciate everybody who can send me:
- transport tickets (bus, train, air tickets, etc.);
- tickets from museums;
- ticket from exhibitions;
- tickets from places of interest;
- tickets from cinema or any other tickets you can send me.

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воскресенье, 14 марта 2010 г.

Ticket from Italy

The Rome Metro (Italian: Metropolitana di Roma)

The Rome Metro is an underground public transportation system that operates in Rome, Italy. It opened in 1955. There are currently two lines, A line (identified by the orange colour) and B line (blue). A third service, the green C line, and a new branch of the B line, are currently under construction. Plans have also been revealed for a fourth line. The current network (38 km) has an X-shape with the two currently existing lines intersecting at Termini Station, the main train station in Rome.

Rome's local transport provider, ATAC, also operates several other rail services: the Roma-Lido, the Roma-Pantano and the Roma-Nord lines. The first of these, the Rome-Lido railway line, which connects Rome to the sea at Ostia, is effectively part of the metro network, is run along similar lines and using trains similar to those in service on the A and B lines. The Roma-Pantano line, although officially designated as a railway, is a narrow gauge tram line while the Roma-Nord line is a suburban railway.

Rome's metro system is considerably less developed when compared to many European capitals and has only 38 km of track, in comparison to 150 km (+330 S-Bahn) in Berlin and 400 km in London.

List of Rome metro stations
Rome Metro

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