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- transport tickets (bus, train, air tickets, etc.);
- tickets from museums;
- ticket from exhibitions;
- tickets from places of interest;
- tickets from cinema or any other tickets you can send me.

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вторник, 23 февраля 2010 г.

Ticket from France

Ticket from The Musée de La Poste

The Musée de La Poste (La Poste's Museum) is the museum of the French postal operator La Poste. It is specialized in the postal history and philately of France. Opened in 1946, the museum has known two places in Paris.

Permanent exhibitions presented objects connected to correspondence, transport of the mail, work of the postmen and philatelic and marcophilic items. In 1999, a room was created to exhibit the 3,500 postage stamps of France in chronological and topical order.

Temporary exhibitions on the same topics take place regularly on the ground floor of the museum.

In the upper offices, a philatelic library are available to the public, partly constituted by a loan from the Académie de philatélie.

In the entrance, a philatelic counter plays the role of post office, with cancellations inspired by temporary exhibitions.

La Poste's Museum

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